The 10 hottest tech products of 2008

by Dean on December 29, 2008

core i7 The 10 hottest tech products of 2008

Sit down for a moment and think about the best gadgetry of 2008.

Not just the best-selling kit, but those rare products that raised the technology bar and said to their rivals (somewhat smugly): “go on then, jump over that!”

There’s been a lot of great technology this year, but we think that the biggest impact has been caused by this little lot.

1. iPhone 3G

Many have tried to imitate the Apple iPhone – the Samsung Omnia, Pixon and Tocco, the LG Viewty and Renoir, the Blackberry Storm and the Sony Xperia X1.

Others, like the Chinese Meizu M8, have simply tried to rip it off.

Ignoring the iPhone’s crude 2MP camera, Apple’s elegant touchscreen handset still remains the smartest mobile phone around. 2008 saw Apple bring its iPod-phone bang up to date with 3G connectivity and GPS.

It also opened the iTunes App Store for business, transforming the iPhone into a handheld games machine and, ultimately, a versatile mobile computer. Is there anything it can’t do? Yes, cut-and-paste (god dammit!)

2. T-Mobile G1

Imagine if the Apple iPhone didn’t exist… We’d be raving (much more so) about the potential of the HTC-built T-Mobile G1.

True, its Android operating system might be a little rough around the edges. The G1 has been plagued with usability problems, hardware crashes and patchy application support.

These teething troubles aside, the G1 is a milestone in mobile phone development. As the value of smartphones shifts from hardware to software, the flexibility and the open source nature of the Android OS should work to its advantage.

Read the rest of The 10 hottest tech products of 2008 (which also includes Intel’s Core i7 processor, Freesat and Google Chrome)

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