18 iPhone apps for 3D artists

by Dean on June 28, 2010

sketchbook mobile 18 iPhone apps for 3D artists

The title here pretty much gives the game away. 3D World magazine asked me to:

“find and summarise/review a selection of practical apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Ideally, these will feature a 3D aspect – such as sculpting or viewing meshes…”

The brief asked for copy that briefly explained what each featured app attempted to do and an opinion of whether it achieved its aim.

In short: was the app useful? Could it potentially boost your productivity? Or was it just eye-candy software with some short-lived novelty value?

I gathered together 18 free and paid for apps from the iTunes App Store:

  1. Autodesk Fluid – Free
  2. Animation Creator
  3. Flipbook
  4. For All Seasons
  5. iFractal
  6. 3DVIA Mobile
  7. CameraMagic Effects
  8. Pulsar: Interactive
  9. Sketchbook Mobile
  10. Storyboard Composer
  11. LuxGallery
  12. ReelDirector
  13. SculptMaster 3D
  14. Layers
  15. Photoshop.com Mobile
  16. Mill Colour
  17. iTracer
  18. Artisan

Read the full article here: 18 iPhone apps for 3D artists

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