Apple vs. Google: It’s war!

by Dean on September 20, 2009

ammo Apple vs. Google: Its war!

Written for PC Plus magazine (issue 287), this article looks at how Apple is battling Microsoft on one side and the search colossus Google on the other. Here’s an excerpt:

Apple’s rejection of Google Voice for the iPhone (and subsequent threat of investigation by the FCC) has been cited as the tipping point for Eric Schmidt’s departure.

But rather than being an anti-Google move, Apple’s reason for banning Google Voice has more to do with preserving its core ‘walled garden’ business strategy.

Apple claims that the Google Voice application “replaces Apple’s Visual Voicemail by routing calls through a separate Google Voice telephone number that stores any voicemail, preventing voicemail from being stored on the iPhone, I.e. disabling Apple’s Visual Voicemail.”

You’re just not allowed to mess with the iPhone. Apple is fiercely protective of its eco-system and it’s built a $8 billion business based on retaining total control of it.

If you buy into the Apple way of doing things, you can only run the software that they approve of. Focusing on innovative design and usability, one Apple product acts as a lead-in for another.

Buy an iPod and you’ll try iTunes. You’ll download AAC-encoded music, QuickTime-formatted video and OS X-powered mini-apps. Before you know it, you’re an Apple junkie.

The more you invest into the Apple eco-system, the more difficult it becomes to abandon it in favour of something else.

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