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Freelance writing: Accounting Technician

by Dean on March 2, 2010

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Sony Vaio P2 Freelance writing: Accounting Technician

Here are a few examples from the technology/gadgets columns that I’ve written for Accounting Technician magazine.

Sony Cyber-shot T90
Considering that the back of the Cyber-shot T90 features a 3-inch LCD, there’s very little extra room for traditional buttons. So this 12.1 Megapixel snapper is touchscreen-controlled, giving you quick and easy access to features such as enhanced face and smile detection. The T90’s optical SteadyShot technology minimises any image blur while the 720p movie mode is capable of capturing high definition (HD) video clips. It’s yours to own in black, blue, brown, silver or Barbie doll pink.

Netbooks are typically pitched as cut-down, cut-price alternatives to traditional laptops. But, as the existence of the beautiful VAIO P-series proves, Sony doesn’t really do ‘cheap’. The stylish VGN-P11Z, for example, costs £750. But what you get for your money is an ultra-lightweight laptop with a fast processor, incredible 8-inch display, 2GB of memory and 60GB-worth of storage. Wi-Fi connectivity is supplemented by 3G mobile broadband. How small is it? Sony’s adverts show it fitting into the back pocket of a pair of jeans…

Sony Ericsson Satio
Poor old Sony Ericsson. Once a mobile phone colossus, it’s since been toppled by the likes of Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC. Hopes of a revival are pinned firmly to the good-looking Satio, a lightweight, touch-sensitive smartphone that boasts a 3.5-inch (640×360 pixel) display, 8GB of memory, built-in Wi-Fi and GPS.

Sony Ericsson is keen to emphasise that the Satio can provide the “ultimate multimedia experience”. So new music, movies, apps and games can be easily downloaded from its PlayNow arena online store. While the inclusion of a 12.1 Megapixel camera with Xenon flash instantly makes the Satio one of the most powerful camera phones around.

The return of 3D TV
While 2009 only teased the delights of 3D TV, this will be the year that stereoscopic technology really starts to fly. 3D has already been a big hit in cinemas, with Pixar’s Up and James Cameron’s eye-melting Avatar packing in the crowds.

Now it’s coming into your living room. Sky is planning to broadcast a mix of movies, entertainment shows and sporting events in 3D; 25 World Cup games from South Africa will be shown in 3D; while a new ‘Blu-ray 3D’ standard promises more jump-out-of-the-screen content this summer. Of course, you’ll need a 3D-capable telly. But LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sharp, JVC and Sony will all be happy to sell you one.


Why 2010 isn’t the year for 3D TV

by Dean on February 28, 2010

avatar Why 2010 isnt the year for 3D TV

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement surrounding 3D TV.

DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg proclaimed that: “2010 will be the year in which 3D is brought to the home.”

Stephen Gater, LG’s Head of Marketing for Home Entertainment said: “we’re witnessing the start of dramatic change in how we view TV.”

While a bullish Samsung laid out its plans at CES. “Just as we created the LED market last year, we will lead the industry in the 3D market this year,” boasted its US president Tim Baxter.

Although 3D telly prototypes have been knocking around at tech shows for the past few years, 2010 is being hailed as the year that the resurrected format finally becomes a commercial reality. And this time it will be more than a gimmick with cardboard red/cyan glasses.

You can read the full article now on


Freelance writing: Orange Exchange

by Dean on February 25, 2010

netting new customers Freelance writing: Orange Exchange

Over the past year, I’ve been a regular contributor to Orange Exchange, a magazine published by John Brown for Orange and aimed at their business customers.

Recent articles for Orange Exchange have varied from straight technology write-ups to more in-depth business features. They include:

Windows Mobile vs. Android

“Is an Android-powered smartphone better than a new Windows Phone? Or vice-versa? Discuss…” A short piece that looks at the strengths of both mobile operating systems and the benefits for business customers.

New accessories for Orange customers

Four of the best accessories for your Orange handset, including the Jawbone PRIME handsfree kit and Parrot in-car Bluetooth solutions.

Netting new customers

“A typical visitor to your website will decide whether or not they like it (and want to stay) in the first eight seconds. That’s eight seconds to fulfil a user’s search query; eight seconds to provide the answer to a visitor’s question; or eight seconds to make a sale. An optimised website is vital if you want to promote your business, engage your customers and encourage sales…”

Top 7 iPhone apps

From Facebook to QuickOffice and Nearest Tube.

How mobile working will boost your business

Why using the latest smartphones, laptops and mobile broadband technology, flexible working initiatives have the potential to slash office costs, improve morale and light a rocket under your productivity.

Orange Exchange also has an online version, so you can find many of these articles at


A decade in computing

by Dean on February 24, 2010

surface microsoft A decade in computing

“Anyone expecting the traditional QWERTY keyboard and mouse to have disappeared by 2010 will be sorely disappointed – they’re still the most effective way to interact with a computer.

Other gizmos have come and gone – the Maltron Single Handed Ergonomic Keyboard, Microsoft’s Tablet PCs, Dragon Naturally Speaking and OCZ’s brain-activated Neural Impulse Actuator to name only four.

Then there’s ‘multi-touch’… Touchscreens themselves have been around since the 1980s, but could only handle one contact point at a time.

The Multi-touch concept gatecrashed the mainstream with the launch of the iPod touch and the iPhone in 2007. Microsoft also unveiled its Surface prototype in the same year.”

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SFX book review – “The Gathering Storm”

by Dean on February 24, 2010

gathering storm SFX book review   The Gathering Storm

Another book review written for the excellent SFX magazine. This time, the chunky 12th book in Robert Jordan’s lengthy Wheel of Time saga…

“When Robert Jordan died in 2007, he left his mammoth Wheel of Time saga unfinished. But not for long. Armed with Jordan’s notes, story outlines and some completed scenes, Mistborn author Brandon Sanderson was hand-picked by Jordan’s widow to complete the final book.

The good news is that, after 11 books and 9,261 pages, we’ll eventually get to see Rand Al’Thor battle the Dark One at Shayol Ghul.

The bad news is that it doesn’t happen in this book. Or the one planned after it. It seems Jordan’s many sub-plots, sub-sub-plots and lengthy character arcs will take three books to wrap up.

The Gathering Storm is the first book in this final volume, to be followed by Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light. Yes, it smacks of padding and you’d be right to wonder whether climbing this 783-page cliff is going to be worth all the huff and puff.

The saga certainly lost momentum in the middle (Path of Daggers, we’re looking at you), bogged down with side quests and forgettable chapters about minor characters and Aes Sedai politics.

If you’ve read this far, you deserve a little action. You’ve earned it. You want to know whether Perrin rescues Faile and if Egwene can unify the White Tower? But most of all, you want to know whether you’re any closer to Tarmon Gai’don, the final showdown between the forces of Light and Shadow?

Well, you are closer. These questions are answered, although it’s still heavy going. Much of The Gathering Storm is business as usual – Tel’aran’rhiod dream meetings, Aes Sedai squabbling, smug-faced Wise Ones and hide-and-seek Forsaken.

But there’s also a renewed sense of purpose. Various dangling plot ends get tied off – some spectacularly. There are Seanchan attacks, peace talks, mass murder, even zombies.

Some of this is certainly the Sanderson effect. The stand-in author brings a fresh pair of eyes and a faster pace to The Gathering Storm. But he also remains faithful to the Jordan-esque levels of detail that fans of the series have come to expect.”


HTC Touch Diamond2 copywriting

by Dean on November 14, 2009

T hand1 HTC Touch Diamond2 copywriting

I recently worked with the Carbon Marketing agency in London to produce a series of promotional leaflets for mobile phone manufacturer HTC. These included the HTC Touch Pro 2, the HTC Snap and the HTC Touch Diamond2.

The brief required copy that was short and benefit-led, explaining the key features included in the Touch Diamond 2 handset. These included: a 3.2-inch touchscreen, 5MP camera and HTC’s new ‘People Centric Communication’ technology.

The HTC Touch Diamond2 can intelligently keep track of your conversations with people. Just tap a contact and the HTC TouchDiamond2 will show you a neatly laid-out history of the recent emails, calls and text messages you’ve exchanged with them.

So it doesn’t matter if you get asked about a recent email while you are talking on the phone. Or if you are sitting in a café trying to find an important text message from a friend. By grouping your communication around your contacts, HTC makes it easier to stay in touch.

View the finished HTC Touch Diamond 2 leaflet [PDF - 230 KB]

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HTC Snap copywriting

by Dean on November 13, 2009

htc snap HTC Snap copywriting

In addition to writing copy for the HTC Touch Pro 2 launch earlier this year, I also worked on the release of the HTC Snap.

You can read an excerpt of my copy here and view the final leaflet (PDF) below:

Give Your Favourite Contacts ‘VIP’ Status

We’ve designed the HTC Snap™ to put your favourite people first. The new ‘Inner Circle™’ feature makes staying in touch with your closest friends and colleagues easier than ever before.

Create Your inner circle

Choose the people you want to include in your Inner Circle™ – your partner, your parents,your best friends… Then hit the dedicated Inner Circle™ button and your email inbox is instantly streamlined to show only messages from those contacts.

View the finished HTC Snap leaflet [PDF - 660 KB]

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Android 2.0: Everything you need to know

by Dean on November 11, 2009

robot android Android 2.0: Everything you need to know

Android 2.0 (codenamed ‘Éclair’) is the latest upgrade to Google’s impressive mobile OS. It supersedes the Android 1.6 software (dubbed ‘Donut’) and makes its debut on the Motorola DROID handset.

The new software features several upgrades, most notably to its Contacts application, Bluetooth support, messaging and camera.

Android 2.0 also improves the virtual keyboard, which has always lagged behind the Apple iPhone’s QWERTY keypad in terms of usability. The Android keyboard has a narrower layout, with smaller virtual keys that are harder to hit accurately when typing at speed.

The iPhone combats this by invisibly enlarging the so-called ‘landing area’ of certain keys as you type. This is based on a probabilistic analysis of the word that you’re currently typing and by guessing the letters that you might be pressing next.

The full text of this article (published as ‘Everything you need to know about Android 2.0′) appears on the TechRadar website here.

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Kimou Meyer (aka Grotesk) interview

by Dean on November 5, 2009

grotesk kimou meyer interview Kimou Meyer (aka Grotesk) interview

New York-based graphic designer Kimou Meyer also goes by the name ‘Grotesk’.

Below is a snippet of an interview with Meyer written for Computer Arts Projects magazine. It talks about Meyer’s design philosophy, his tenure as Creative Director at Zoo York and his plans for the future.

The name [Grotesk] is perfect for Meyer, who was born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland. He can trace his passion for art back to teenage days of spray-painting Genevan brick with local graffiti artist DEKA.

From there, he absorbed all that La Cambre art school in Brussels could teach him, before moving to New York to work for Base Design and Ecko Unlimited.

As a creative freelancer, he’s worked for big-hitters such as Nike, Uniqlo, Stussy and Virgin Records. Until recently he was the Creative Director of Zoo York, a feisty, East Coast streetwear brand heavily influenced by skateboarding, graffiti, hip-hop, punk and “everything inbetween.”

Like many graphic designers, the secret to Meyer’s success is a combination of raw talent and punishing hard work.

He describes his style as: “neo-retro sarcastic bold and minimal, with simple shapes and a straightforward message.” His work is edgy, urban and often provocative, featuring strong elements of satire and social commentary.

It’s an artistic approach that has its roots back in Switzerland, where Meyer says he grew up in a “socialist household with a mom heavily involved in politics.” But his inspiration oozes from New York (he currently lives in Brookyln), which Meyer describes as “like the entire planet in one city.”

The full article appears in Computer Arts Projects, issue 130.


CES 2010 preview

by Dean on October 5, 2009

Xbox and Natal sensor1 CES 2010 preview

As 2009 hurtles to a close, what new technology should we be looking forward to next year?

CES 2010 will set the mood for the year ahead, which we hope will be one of 3D TVs, Tablet PCs and ebook readers, OLED displays, Wireless HD and devices packing the new USB 3.0 connection.

Microsoft traditionally kicks off CES with a pre-show keynote. CES 2010 will be no different. Steve Ballmer will undoubtedly be singing (not literally) the praises of the newly-launched Windows 7 and casting his eye over the wider Windows ecosystem.

Look out for Zune HD and Windows Mobile news, fresh mobile form factors such as the Courier Tablet and an Xbox 360 segment dominated by eye-catching Project Natal demos…

Read the rest of this article on TechRadar.