A short guide to Freeview Plus

by Dean on August 12, 2009

freeview plus2 A short guide to Freeview Plus

My quick quide to Freeview+ (or Freeview Plus) takes a look at what Freeview+ represents, what you can do with it and what sort of devices use the technology today. Here’s an excerpt:

Freeview+ isn’t new. Originally launched under the ‘Freeview Playback’ banner in 2007, the platform was rebranded as Freeview+ in mid-2008. The move positioned Freeview+ alongside its plus-badged video recording rivals – Sky+, Virgin Media’s V+ system, Freesat+ and BT’s Vision+ box, which acts as a Freeview/VOD combo device.

What all of these devices have in common is a built-in hard disk drive. It’s mandatory in the Freeview+ specification, giving Freeview+ devices the ability to record any programmes listed in their 8-day Electronic Programme Guides. In fact, the HDD is constantly recording, enabling Freeview+ systems to pause live TV for up to 30 minutes and to rewind it for personalised instant replays.

You can read the full article on TechRadar.com.

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