The home of the future today? (Not quite)

by Dean on January 1, 2009

microsoft surface The home of the future today? (Not quite)

More technology musings on the state of the ‘digital home’, aka ’smart home’ (or ’smart house’), aka ‘connected home’. The following blog posts appeared on TechRadar in December 2008.

Parallel computing and you
It’s early days for multi-core processing. But the idea of hijacking the processing muscle of a graphics card GPU for data-crunching has definite benefits for digital home applications.

DLNA adds new digital home functions
The ‘idiot-proofing’ of the digital home continues…

New standard brightens digital home vision
While the DLNA continues to push its device interconnectivity standards, another new networking standard has appeared on the scene. Ladies and geeks, meet the wired specification known as ‘’.

The home of the future today? (Not quite)
Want a glimpse at what the digital home dream could be? Then watch the newest video from the geniuses at the MIT Mobile Experience Lab.

What has the DLNA ever done for us?
With the news that the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) is showcasing another ‘connected home’ at CES, we’re starting to wonder when we’re going to say “this is the year of the digital home”. Again.

The best PlayStation 3 deals for Christmas
Not only is it a next-gen games console, it’s one of the best Blu-ray players that money can buy.

The best Xbox 360 deals for Christmas
While the recent NXE software update has given the three year-old Xbox 360 a fresh lick of paint, it’s Microsoft’s aggressive price slashing that has been crucial in boosting the console’s appeal.

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