Pricing & Rates

money Pricing & Rates

I’m up-front about costs and I’m happy to work in different ways to ensure that you get what you need at an affordable price. For example:

If you have EXISTING content:

Copy editing & web optimisation, proofreading/copy checking or amends to existing copy supplied: £35.00 per hour

If you need NEW content from scratch:

For multiple articles or pages of no fixed length: £35.00 per hour

… Or if you prefer to work to a word rate and flat content fees:

  • 100 words of copy:     £20.00
  • 200 words of copy:     £35.00
  • 300 words of copy:     £55.00
  • 500 words of copy:     £90.00
  • 1,000 words of copy: £150.00

Any initial amends to the first draft of an item of content are FREE; any subsequent (and significant) amends are then charged at the hourly rate above.

For larger projects please contact me directly as discounts may apply.