Review – Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

by Dean on July 13, 2009

kis2010 eng Review   Kaspersky Internet Security 2010

A slice of my review of Kaspersky Lab’s Internet Security 2010 software, written for PC Plus magazine. The full review appears in issue 285.

Like a EA Sports videogame franchise, Kaspersky Lab has rolled out new 2010 editions of its flagship Internet Security suite and standalone Anti Virus package. It’s a chance for Kaspersky Lab to point point out that it detects over 17,000 new and possible threats to your computer every day; an opportunity to make you think twice about whether your current security measures are really coping with the 2.4 million malware threats currently listed in the Kaspersky Lab database.

Peace of mind is a yearly subscription away.

Of course, it’s questionable whether this 2010 version is really any better at combating Internet evil than its predecessor. Isn’t it just an incremental update? An annual spit-and-polish with some new, bolt-on extras? Well, yes. And no. You could argue that, as the threats to our PCs evolve, so the technology to spot and eliminate them also needs to change.

There are always new ways of approaching the problem – updated virus definitions, a bulked up malware database, trusted application management and new crowd sourced early-warning systems.

Protecting a typical PC against Internet threats is much like a game of Desktop Tower Defence. Using only Pellet Guns and Squirt Towers will still allow a few Creeps to get through. You also need Dart, Swarm and Frost Towers in your arsenal to handle every situation. Because those Creeps will keep on coming.

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