Review – LG Viewty Smart

by Dean on June 26, 2009

viewty smart Review   LG Viewty Smart

Mobile phones, and smartphones in particular, are big business. The technology has come along way since I first owned a brick-like Motorola phone in the 1990s.

Post-Apple iPhone, manufacturers like LG have rushed to embrace similar touchscreen control systems. But while it might look like an iPhone wannabe, the LG Viewty Smart (aka the Viewty 2) is actually pitched against digital cameras.

The 8 Megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach lens is the dominant technology and it makes it obvious that less attention has been lavished on some of the phone’s other features.

So rather than compare the LG Viewty Smart to the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre and the HTC Magic, it slots into a segment of the market where the Samsung Pixon, Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot C905 and Nokia N86 do battle.

These handsets aren’t designed specifically to rival the iPhone. Yes, they’ve been inspired by it, and yes, they often blatantly ape some of the iPhone’s better features.

But, without the core iTunes integration and without an App Store that can deliver hundreds of new games, widgets, applications and utilities over-the-air, the Viewty Smart and handsets like it are second class smartphones.

Read the full LG Viewty Smart (GC900) review on TechRadar.

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