Review – Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro

by Dean on July 15, 2009

mrsite1 Review   Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro

Another review for PC Plus magazine, issue 283. Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro offers you everything you need to get a website up-and-running. In a box.

You could argue that Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro has no place in the pages of PC Plus. At first glance, this one-size-fits-all approach to website construction is far too simplistic and restrictive. For anybody with an ounce of web knowledge, it’s a frustrating experience – like trying to paint a fine watercolour with a stiff bristle B&Q broom.

But what do you expect? Mr Site Takeaway Website Pro boils down the mechanics of a new website build into six simple steps. Log onto and the software will help you register a domain and get your first pages online within a few minutes. No technical knowledge required. No jargon. No fuss. No imagination. No flexibility… There isn’t even anything useful in the box except a manual (so don’t pay an extra £3.50 for a boxed copy). The whole process takes place online.

Of course, this almost effortless simplicity is exactly what some people want. There’s a memorable episode of The Simpsons where Homer runs for Sanitation Commissioner with the slogan: “Can’t Someone Else Do It?” This outsourcing is the essence of what makes the Mr Site software and any ‘in a box’-themed product so attractive. Not only are they convenient, but you don’t have to put much effort in to make them work, and the end results are usually pretty decent.

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