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by Dean on October 11, 2010

gocart27 Web content writing: ActiveDad

I’ve recently been doing some work on ActiveDad, a new blog by Republic Publishing. It’s a parenting blog, but not in the traditional sense. So you won’t find any advice about potty training, pregnancy or how to deal with temper tantrums from a two year-old.

Instead, it’s about ways that dads can give their kids an exciting childhood. Ideas for great days out with your kids, science experiments, toys, games, adventures, hobbies and advice. It’s about tree houses and go-karts; balloon rockets and scalextric. Here are just some of the articles that I’ve written for the site so far:

  • Chart your child’s growth using Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Write your own children’s story with Microsoft Word 2010
  • Slimbridge Wetland Centre: Birds, birds and more birds!
  • Monopoly Revolution: It’s Monopoly, but not as you know it
  • Toy libraries: Why buy new toys when you can borrow them?
  • How to spot an alien invasion (and what to do about it)
  • Make a bedroom door plaque with Microsoft Word 2010
  • Geocaching: How to go treasure hunting with your iPhone
  • A crash course in paper engineering
  • The Game of Ladybirds: A path to advanced boardgaming
  • Where on Earth? Geography without the Boring Bits
  • Why you don’t need to buy the hottest Christmas toys
  • How to make an award certificate using Microsoft Word 2010
  • Make Your Own Bouncy Ball Kit
  • 3 classic card games you should teach 21st Century kids
  • Have you tried: Indoor rock climbing?
  • 7 tips for planting a tree and saving the world
  • Actually Factually: The water in your glass was once dinosaur wee…
  • The UK’s best mazes (and how to solve them)
  • The games we used to play: Flick Rugby
  • Do you think your kids watch too much TV? (Poll)
  • How to make a comic using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • Science Museum – Electric Plane Launcher
  • Who Do You Think You Are? Be a Family Tree Detective
  • What Top Gear can teach us about building go-karts
  • How to buy a child seat for your mountain bike
  • Balloon rocket science: A quick introduction
  • Longleat: Lions, water jets and a Bambi moment
  • Do you find it difficult keeping your kids amused? (Poll)
  • Rory’s Story Cubes: Once upon a dice roll…
  • Research and create a family tree with Microsoft Word 2010
  • Make Your Own Clock: DIY tick-tockery
  • Activities for kids: Fencing lessons

To read any of these articles or to find more, head over to www.activedad.co.uk.

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